From September 2008:

Some early UK house and ambient techno from Coco Steel & Lovebomb.

Coco Steel & Lovebomb were Chris Mellor (Coco), Lene Stokes (Steel) and Craig Woodrow (Lovebomb); Chris being the Chris Coco now a DJ on Radio 1 (UK).


Though Coco, Steel & Lovebomb grew out of the techno community, the group blends elements of garage, soul and disco with only an ambient-techno blueprint. After Coco (aka Chris Mellor) began DJing at the Brighton club Zap, his acid-house sets grew popular in the wake of the late-80s house explosion. With partner Steel (aka Lene [Stokes]), [and Craig Woodrow (aka Lovebomb)] he formed Coco, Steel & Lovebomb, originally growing out of Zap with the single “Feel It” and its follow-ups: “Touch It,” “Hold It,” “Work It.” After taking three years to record debut album It!, the [trio] released it in 1994. An ambient outing, New World, followed in 1997. — John Bush, All Music Guide


Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It
Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Set Me Free (Wakefield Deep Dub)
Coco Steel & Lovebomb – San Fran
Chris Coco website

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