From August 2009:

Sit back, relax and prepare to lie down and be counted. Some classic ambient from Mixmaster Morris as The Irresistible Force.

 After leaving university, Morris began working as a DJ in 1985 with his “Mongolian Hip Hop Show” on pirate radio in London, and eventually set aside an intended career as a computer programmer in favour of full-time life as a DJ and musician. After a year running the club The Gift in New Cross, Morris began releasing material as Irresistible Force in 1987, initially in collaboration with singer-songwriter Des de Moor. He became involved with the emerging UK acid house scene, playing at underground parties across the UK. A show with Psychic TV led to him becoming fulltime DJ with The Shamen, and touring with them Shamen (on their celebrated ‘Synergy’ Tours) for nearly two years.

Buyexcellent early album “Flying High” (1992) on Rising High Records. Otherwise, have a selection from a couple of early singles from 1991 and1995. The Irresistible Force – Natural Frequency

The Irresistible Force – Space Is The Place (Intergalactic Ambient Mix) Live At The Love Lab

The Irresistible Force – Space Is The Place (interplanetary Mix)

The Irresistible Force – Snowstorm (1994)

~ by acidted on April 14, 2012.


  1. I’m sure it’s been mentioned or posted before here but i would like to posit Mmr Morris’ remix of Coldcut’s Autumn Leaves as one of the defining moments of the Ambient genre, and, imho, his finest work. Heartmeltingly spellbinding, i’m referring to Trip 1 on the vinyl 12, although there are several variants.

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