From September 2009:

Mekon is John Gosling, who we have previously come across in his short-lived band, Agent Provocateur. Mekon’s work has a strong hip hop influence.

John Gosling’s work for Wall of Sound Records as Mekon has anticipated a barrage of stylistic changes during the mid-’90s, from trip-hop to big-beat techno and the general influence of American hip-hop in electronic culture. Debuting in 1994 with “Phatty’s Lunchbox” (just the second release on Wall of Sound), Gosling pioneered the blueprint for the dance music popularized years later by the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers: breakbeat trip-hop invested with a lot of energy and old-school attitude. Future singles blazed new trails as well, through contributions from “Mad” Frankie Fraser (on the gangsta-oriented “Revenge of the Mekon”) and Schoolly D (for “Skool’s Out”). Gosling released his first Mekon album, Welcome to Tackletown, in June 1997 and has remixed Wall of Sound labelmate Agent Provocateur. 

Mekon – Skool’s Out (Les Rythmes Digitales)
Mekon – Yes Yes Y’All
Mekon – Please Stay (Royksop Remix)
Bonus tracks:
Mekon – Phatty’s Lunchbox (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
Mekon feat. Mad Frankie Fraser – Revenge of The Mekon

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