From January 2010:

Beardie wierdie music. Has released on Warp? Why, of course. Whether as himself or Wagon Christ, there’s something about his self-consciousness in avoiding a tune that annoys. Only with BJ Cole on wonderful “Stop The Panic” album did he let himself make great tunes without the need to be avant garde.

Wiki: Luke Vibert is a British recording artist and producer known for his work in many subgenres of electronic music. He began his musical career as a member of the Hate Brothers, only later branching out into his own compositions. Vibert has recorded under several different aliases, most notably Plug and Wagon Christ.

Vibert’s first musical output was in a variety of bands, including a punk act called Five Minute Fashion and later a Beastie Boys-esque group called the Hate Brothers, but he quickly moved into the low-cost environment of solo electronic composition. Although Vibert originally had no intention of ever releasing any of the work, his reputation as a creative young voice in his field has created a demand for his work.

Vibert originally became involved in electronic music through his interest for hip-hop as well as the environment of bedroom experimentalism associated with the swelling late-’80s U.K. dance scene. Luke and a friend, Jeremy Simmonds, released an album through the Rephlex label under the name of Vibert/Simmonds which caught the ear of Caspar Pound’s Rising High music label. As a result of the popularity of the style in the early 90′s, the label commissioned an ambient music album from Vibert, who delivered the well-received Phat Lab Nightmare under the alias Wagon Christ in 1993.

He would go on further over the next few years to produce more music under the Wagon Christ alias, as well as introducing more aliases such as Plug (drum and bass/jungle), with the 1996 album ‘Drum and Bass for Papa’ which gained critical acclaim.

Luke Vibert – Acidisco  

I Love Acid


Maddox – Unturned Luke Vibert Rinse

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