From January 2010:

A late addition to the letter Y, prompted by a reader. I didn’t think I had anything but I do. This is a West Coast US houser about who I know nothing. Over to Wiki.

From Wiki: Young American Primitive (real name Greg Scanavino) is a prominent American producer/remixer, and one of the more popular acts to originate from the Bay Area’s early 90s house scene. Released several 12″s and one full length CD on the San Francisco based label ZoëMagik, and made several compilation appearances, culminating with the sample heavy “These Waves” being included on Sasha and Digweed’s Northern Exposure mix album. Apparently impressed by his remixing skills on Geffen Records release Stone Roses’ single “Begging You”, Scanavino was signed by Geffen in ’96 and finished his second full length album in late ’97. The track “Beyond” was slated for single release in November ’97 (complete with music video created by San Francisco based multimedia studio Mind’s Eye Media), and the album, titled “African Cosmopolitan”, was slated for a January ’98 release, however, neither saw the light of day, and YAP was apparently dropped from the label. The ZoëMagik-released album was not re-released on Geffen due to unresolved sample clearance issues.

Scanavino returned to the electronic music scene in 2001 performing remix duties on two popular progressive house tracks, as well as collaborating with fellow American producer and DJ Jimmy Van M and vocalist Terra Deva on “Forget Time”. In 2005, he contributed the track “Voyage To The Great Attractor” to DJ Jonathan Lisle for the second volume in Bedrock’s Original Series.

And it is from his work with the Bedrock label that the following comes. A rather fine mellow trance/house mix:

Pole Folder CP – Apollo Vibes Young American Primitives Remix  

 Young American Primitive – Young American Primitive (Angel’s Hand Remix)

Buy product (pricey!)

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