Disco Record – The 14th Minute (Kreap’s Magic Disco Boogie Mix)

Although we’ve had a lot of remixes by The 14th Minute, we haven’t had a lot of remixes of The 14th Minute. Here’s one by Kreap of new track Disco Record. Listen only for now, released next month.

The original is classic  synth disco magic by Aussies The 14th Minute. The remix by fellow Australian Kreap is a bit more funky and rides by on a sleazy 80s disco bass. Big funtime.


Bio: Australian musician Kreap has returned to smash dancefloors into a frenzy after a 10 year lost weekend. Little is known about Kreap. We only communicate with him via a message board on a bus terminal wall. It’s rumoured he has a secret life working for the US military but this has not been confirmed. We believe he is happily married to “Mariam Kittenwhiskers”, a burlesque dancer with a passion for basket weaving and raising jaguars.  Kreap has only retained 40 perc of his original body and brain due to a tragic chemical accident involving experimental toothpaste in the 90’s. There have been numerous reports and sighting’s of Kreap on the internet in the last few months fueling rumors of a comeback, we obtained this material from a very close member of his distant family.

~ by acidted on May 6, 2012.

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