A repost from January 2011. Scott Hardkiss mixes Secret Knowledge in a restrained techno trance style.

Secret Knowledge have appeared here more than once, so no need for introductions (previous post here). But Scott is a different matter. Here’s a bio from the DJ list:

Scott was born December 12th, 1973 in the bronx and grew up between NYC, DC, & Philadelphia. in the 80s he fell in love with old-school hip-hop’s “anything-goes” sound, got his first set of turntables & taught himself to dj, being further influenced in dance clubs where electronic music was blended together seamlessly with rock, pop, & new-wave. he went on to study literature & art at oxford university, living in the UK during the initial explosion of the rave & indie-dance scenes and traveling to the spanish islands to take in the diverse balearic sound. all of these experiences led him to found hardkiss as a creative outlet for his own personal style of music & art through djing, production, design & events. with his vision thus born, he set off to open heads & hearts and make booties shake by organizing & djing at some of the first raves & electronic-music multi-media dance events, beginning on the east coast and working his way out west to San Francisco.

he eventually inspired a motley crew of followers to join him in his mission, and together with his newly adopted “brothers” they founded the seminal record label, “hardkiss music” in 1992. using the name god within for his own original solo productions, Scott became one of the true innovators of the international electronic sound of the 90’s and his ground-breaking records & musical style were embraced by djs, producers, & music-lovers worldwide. his first single “raincry,” with its sound-clash of funky breakbeats & tripped-out emotional trance, was was featured in several films, countless compilations (including sasha & digweed’s classic “northern exposure,”), the billboard dance chart, and in muzik magazine as the most collectible 12″ in the world. his next trail-blazing release “the phoenix,” further innovated with its early fusion of rock and dance music. and the later “acid funk” and “crucial introspection” eps bewitched still others with their unique blends of mental acid hip-house & soulful ambient-funk vibes.


~ by acidted on May 11, 2012.

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