Killerkat – Vinnuskúralyklakyppuhringur

This seeming anagram from Countdown is in fact a minmal techno release from Killerkat. Free download.

Killerkat is, let’s be honest, a very silly name for a minimal producer. I’m sure that’s the same in Tallinn, Estonia as it is in London. Basement Kat would have been way better. Vinnuskúralyklakyppuhringur translates as ‘a cat without a purr is a dog’ (probably). This isn’t minimal as reverie but minimal as unseen menace. The distorted vocal sample has a hellfire quality. Not for late night listening if you want a peaceful night.  There’s lots more minimal techno on Killerkat’s Soundcloud page.


~ by acidted on May 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Killerkat – Vinnuskúralyklakyppuhringur”

  1. That is right up my dimly lit street sometime in the early hours

  2. […] is from Tallin, Estonia, appearing here before in May. And it’s still a slightly silly name. But that doesn’t matter because […]

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