Slighter – Adjustments 2 (Sasha)

US breaks producer Slighter has an album of remixes – Adjustments 2 – out for free download. A few posts highlighting particular tracks.

First, Slighter’s remix of Sasha. His original remix of the track, the Break Me Down Remix, came out last October, when I said “The original of Cut Me Down is a trancey, swooshy affair which gains a harder edge as it goes along – apparently specially commissioned from Sasha for IMS 2011 – but which has a vocal which sounds disconcertingly like Sting. Slighter’s remix plays up the breaks feel by giving a breaks bass throb but never cutting loose with breaks abandon, to retain a chilled dub atmosphere.” This new remix, the Rebuilt Dub, keeps all that was good from the original, in terms of its throbbing atmospheric dub but dispenses with the vocal. A positive move. A good remix made better.

Download the album for free on Bandcamp:

Blurb: The second installment of SLIGHTER’s remix compilation comes with 10 brand new remixes! Not content with just slicing and dicing the original songs parts, Colin took to re-recording new parts himself! From new guitar riffs, bass guitars and even background vocals, ADJUSTMENTS 2 is definitively SLIGHTER in every way. Grab your FREE copy today!

~ by acidted on May 22, 2012.

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  1. […] already got it, might I also suggest you go for this Slighter Dub Mix of the same track, which I said was a “throbbing atmospheric […]

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