Sabrina Johnston – Satisfy My Love (Vaults Vol)

Sabrina Johnston is someone I associate with big lunged happy clappy house. A genre I’d make some effort to avoid in days of yore. But these unreleased Tiefschwarz mixes have a dub mix to stop for. Listen only. Out soon.

Both remixes have a fractured funk quality, with a deep but unobtrusive bass. The Dub remix is obviously the one to head for. But it isn’t an instrumental remix, with sparing vocals weaving in and out of the dark, yet funky, sounds.

Blurb: If we ever get a summer in the UK, these remixes will be the soundtrack to it! Previously unreleased remixes of this classic vocal house anthem, courtesy of Tiefschwarz! Their vocal mix is pure house heaven, with a classic 4/4 house beat and live instrumentation vibes complementing Sabrina’s diva vocal perfectly. The Tiefschwartz dub is where things get really interesting, as they switch over to a more broken beat feel akin to something 4Hero would’ve done back in the day, and really working that live bass sound. This is a very special release for collectors and fans of the Champion heritage.

~ by acidted on May 26, 2012.

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