Public Service Broadcasting – London Can Take It (Diode Remix)

Some dark electronica from a Diode remix of WWII-infatuated Public Service Broadcasting. Free download.

I’m not sure why the WWII photo imagery and track titles irritate me so much. I think it’s probably that my parents were so affected by the war that this feels too much like it trivialises it. I remember walking with my father down a South London road and he pointed at a 1950s house and said that in 1944 he was walking at that spot when he was bundled into an air-raid shelter. He was about the complain when there was a tremendous shaking. When he got out, the house he was walking past was just rubble. It had been hit by a doodlebug. 

That said Diode produces a suitably dark and gloomy piece of high quality electronica. Guitars plucked mournfully ocassionally shimmer. The pace is almost funereal. Electronica in black and white.

Here’s the original sample-heavy track for comparison

Blurb: Diode takes London Can Take It into an altogether darker place, bringing the disparate elements together with a skittish, stammering electronic beat and aggressive, pulsating basslines to put his own stamp on the banjo-heavy original. Video and original here:


~ by acidted on May 28, 2012.

One Response to “Public Service Broadcasting – London Can Take It (Diode Remix)”

  1. I love Public Service Broadcasting, thank you for introducing them to me. If you know a similar artist please let me know.

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