Volkova Sisters – Prince Migdale (ICR remix)

Likely to be a bit marmite this one. It’s that dread genre folktronica. From Hungary. Free download.

The vocal is pretty conventional but the elctronics click around in interesting ways, always with a dramatic flourish.

Blurb: Volkova Sisters, emerge from the Hungarian underground DIY music scene, to tell their folktronic tales.
Adopting their moniker from the main characters in Pattern Recognition, written by – Father of the cyberpunk science fiction genre – William Gibson. Volkova Sisters; formed in 2009 by songwriting duo Daniel Sandor (synth) and Dalma Berger (vocals), first bonded after establishing a shared love of dark, melancholic 80’s new-wave music. Their intentions were to create music reminiscent of the shimmering distortions of My Bloody Valentine combined with dreamy landscapes of the Cocteau Twins. European cold-wave, with a sharper emphasis on industrial pop. Final member Gergely Kovacs (guitar) joined shortly after the bands conception, in late 2009. May 2012 will see them releasing their new EP, HOPE along with some of their emblematic style videos. Lead single ‘Shiny Fay Of Sorrow’ Shiny Fay Of Sorrow is about stepping out from a wrong relationship. The couple in the song have long known that they’d been only imitating the longing, and it was only their ego that refused to let it go. Our hero steps out of this and chooses the uncertainty.

Release Date: 28th may, 2012


Zoltan Gal as known as ICR is the founder of the hungarian electronic music scene’s well respected home, ImpulseCreator – serving the drum and bass and urban music community for more than ten years. Besides his work as an editor and music journalist, dozens of releases proved that his artistic vein is fulled with musical variety and uncompromising creativity with released on Glack Audio, Sonorous Music, the ten-year old Chi Recordings and UK label Orson Records.

~ by acidted on May 28, 2012.

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