Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet – Sarah writes

Thomas’ mother Sarah wrote this on her facebook page:

So. Let’s talk about something serious. We should probably go somewhere quiet.
I had this sweet boy, once. And he had a brain tumor, and we lost him. And somewhere in there, people all over the world stood still and listened and put their… hands out to us. One of those people was a dad of a kid with the same brain tumor as Thomas. He lost his boy, too. We became friends somewhere in there.
My friend is a music fiend and a dj (online, in his spare, non-official time) and he, like I, had planned to make his kid into a music snob of the first order. Instead, he’s making a compilation cd to raise money for brain tumor research in honor of his kid, and mine. and the zillions like them.
In England, instead of running their electrical lines through the sky like we do, they run them underground. The music on this cd reminds me of that – it’s the underground current running around that country right now. It’s exciting.
Anyway, if you’re interested in secret underground awesomeness from Over There, this is a release to await eagerly. Keep an eye on the page, the blog, and AcidTed’s twitter feed
And here’s niceFingers with Out of the Fog, a bit of crunchy downtempo. They will be appearing on the Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet compilation.
Like niceFingers for a download!!! if you already like us, just go to free downloads.www.facebook.com/niceFingersmusic

~ by acidted on May 29, 2012.

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