Chameo – Hey!

This is one of those blow-the-credibility from all that dark techno posts. Chameo (not to be confused with Chromeo) has produced Hey! a track so bouncy house, dumb synth and fun that I simply had to give in and go with it. Free download.

Chameo is a producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Hey! is an astonishing mix of uplifting synth chords, bouncy beats and hip hop shouts and samples that its artlessness is its strength. In the sun, this sounds like the best thing ever. There’s nothing radical here. But so what. Mind you don’t spill your drink bouncing along to this. Although if it’s rum and ginger that might be for the best.

~ by acidted on May 30, 2012.

7 Responses to “Chameo – Hey!”

  1. Rum & Ginger’s alright Ctel.

  2. You said it. This song is so straightforward I’m tempted to use it to practice counting measures.

  3. […] sorry ok. This is that dreaded thing, a ‘banger’. This is like that Chameo track of a few days back. It’s big, dumb, progressive house. With a singalong sample. Really well done. Free […]

  4. […] Lager’ bit of Born Slippy manage to make it seem effortless. Chameo achieved it with Hey! (here) with its simple synth bounce, head nodding scuzz bass and ascending melody line finishing with the […]

  5. […] are few tunes in this style that I really like. But this is one. Has shades of that Chameo track Hey! in that it is a track without guile. It just celebrates itself and simple pleasures. It’s the […]

  6. […] I thought this would be destined for my number one slot. But it got overtaken. From Copenhagen, Chameo’s Hey! was a deceptively simple tune that bounced along on an astonishing mix of uplifting synth chords, […]

  7. […] is a young producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He first appeared here with the fabulously bouncy Hey! which was one of my tunes of 2012. Now, he’s finally back with Visions. He says […]

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