The Slow Waves – Underbelly

I’ve got a bit of a thing going on at the moment for driving synth tunes. Here’s a fine example from The Slow Waves. Free download.

Underbelly is a bass synth tune, kinda slow, with that driving at night feel. This is just as well as that’s what the accompanying video goes for. There’s a melody on top but it’s the bassline that carries you along. Brilliant. The virtual B side is Undertow. Wants to be a bit Balearic but ends up a bit Dire Straits, from the lazy guitar that carries it along.

Blurb: Main Course ( is proud to unveil our first release from enigmatic band The Slow Waves. Recently acclaimed for their remix work for the likes of Crookers, Mary Epworth, and The Young Empires, this 2 track release is their first outing on the public stage. The Slow Waves’ sound is an ever evolving, synth-laden voyage taking listeners from the edge of the beach, to the edge of the galaxy. Underbelly evokes imagery of an cinematic night drive into the infinite, lead by a sinister bassline and arpeggios. Undertow feels just as at home on your playlist, as it would during the emotional climax of a movie. It’s the sound of bliss and wonderment; a minimal driving drum pattern with constantly building guitars and synths. Both Underbelly and Undertow are sublime, stirring pieces of mood music, and we are very proud to introduce you to the sounds of The Slow Waves.

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~ by acidted on May 30, 2012.

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