FreQ Nasty – Dread At The Controls Remixed

Dreadlocked FreQ Nasty produces another bass heavy tune, mixing funky dub and dubstep. Includes free download.

The original of Dread At The Controls is a bit of a departure from the normally straight-ahead-with-the-bass and damn the torpedos approach of the hirsute Nasty. This has a funky lightness and dubbiness in amongst the all destroying bass, which comes from a dubstep direction (kind of inevitably these days). Of the remixes, the Sugarpill one is probably the pick, since this departsa furthest from the all-consuming bass approach. The bass is reduced to squelches and the melody allowed to do more of the work. The free download is FreQs Get Your FreQ on Edit which swaps some of the dub in the original for more of a digital ragga approach. If you think bass is where it’s at, this is the business. If you don’t, this lacks distinctiveness.

Blurb: ‘Dread At The Controls’ blurred the lines between funky and dubstep. The Remixes include bass producer Culprate from the UK hot on the heals of his successful ‘5 Star EP’ , Greg Reve following the success of his ‘Unveiled EP’, an emerging Glitch Hop star on the Headtron roster, namely Sugarpill and west coast Acid Crunk maestro’s LowRIDERz (An-ten-nae & DJ Laura).  The result if four flavors of bass driven music with drastically different directions and tempo’s, but all of them slamming in the their own way.

Released by: Muti Music
Release/catalogue number: Muti113
Release date: May 28, 2012

~ by acidted on May 31, 2012.

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