Beeline – I’ve Never Been Quite A Good Kisser (Perfume Uniform Remix)

Not sure about the gramatical construction of the title. The ‘quite’ sits oddly. Anyone with better grammar than me want to suggest what is the right construction? In the meantime, listen and download this lovely minimal techno / idm / indie tune.

Beeline are: benjamin surangkanjanajai, lukas foehres, leon laskowski, simon armbruster and florian bonn. They are from Cologne, Germany. They describe their work as experimental pop. The original track is an indie sound with wood blocks and xylophone. Perfume Unicorn, a German / Norwegian band, give it the remix. This takes away the vocal and makes the track sit on a downtempo minimal techno / electro pop fence. There’s something a bit Kompakt about it all – perhaps that’s because Kompakt is based in Cologne. This goes well with the Error Operator track of a day or so ago.

Beeline – I’ve Never Been Quite A Good Kisser (Perfume Uniform Remix)

Beeline – I’ve Never Been Quite A Good Kisser (Original)

Blurb: This song is part of the intriguingly ‘Fjellsmug Kompilation One’ (free download available): Original Song by Beeline  Remix by Perfume Uniform Perfume Uniform on Facebook Perfume Uniform are: Mäd Mandy, F J Richarts + Lasse Løberg

~ by acidted on June 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “Beeline – I’ve Never Been Quite A Good Kisser (Perfume Uniform Remix)”

  1. “Mmm, you’re quite a good kisser Jeffrey” said Amelia, leaning back on her stool. “I’ve never been quite a good kisser,” retorted Jack. “I’ve always been a damn fine kisser.” And with that, he left the room to continue work on cataloguing his collection of corduroy.

    Something like that?

  2. […] might remember we had a Perfume Unicorn remix the other day (here). Here’s Silent Enjoyment, an offshoot, with a downbeat techno dub-fi track. Free download. […]

  3. […] Løberg is on Fjellsmug Rekords and has appeared here as part of Perfume Uniform and Silent Enjoyment. But this time solo. There’s some fine acid for you. Free […]

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