Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet: QtheSuit Pt2

The second part of the QtheSuit interview. And to end, the track that will appear on Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet, the mighty V6.

3. The Independent newspaper said that you “bridged the gap between the evocative soundtracks of John Barry and the sample-heavy Portishead, and added a dash of Ska for good measure, while their bewitching chanteuse Bella Deanie caught the eye as much as the ear.” Do think that’s a fair description?

Yes, except a lil more punchy, we often play with a Jungle MC and the crowed goes off, literally.  It’s all about the Guitars, bass, beats and strings.


4. What’s with the suit obsession? Last time on Acid Ted you said that you preferred Paul Smith to Armani and double breasted to single breasted suits. Is that still the case?

 The suit obsession – it’s my nickname. Has been for years. It’s me trying to create an understanding for myself, a bridge to explain the juxtaposition of my corporate working life and my creative home life. I blame Big Moore the Bear for calling it me first. But when a name fits etc…

The next, yes still Paul Smith – I only have one Paul Smith Suit but it is awesome. To be honest I thought I preferred single breasted but all of my suits are double breasted so I think that answers where I really am.


5. Why did you agree to be part of Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet?

Firstly, I’m a father of two, so child terminal illness is something I hope I never have to confront but if music me and Q have written can help raise awareness and raise money for the charities concerned then we it’s all we can hope to achieve

Secondly, it was Acid Ted that sparked the creation of QtheSuit. So we wanted to give something back. 

6. When can we expect a new release from you?

I’m hoping to release the First QtheSuit EP in July, then we’ll release the remainder of the tracks we did for the 11-11 agency podcast in consecutive EP’s over the following months culminating in the QtheSuit Album. I’m also hoping the release some Suit Corps tracks as well. So there should be plenty of material out by the end of the year.


As with everything we do you’ll be able the here it on our soundcloud first


And you’ll be able to download it here


QtheSuit – V6

~ by acidted on June 9, 2012.

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    Acid Ted Showing the Love for QTheSuit and V6 is preparation for the “Lets Go Somewhere Quiet Album” nice

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