REPOST: Shape Navigator

I say repost. It isn’t quite. Well, it is kind of. We had four listen only tracks from Shape Navigator a few days ago. There are now six and they’re all free to download. All from the early 90s.  Of the six, particularly go for Borealis.

Shape Navigator (Peter Coyte) appeared a while back, from the time in the early 90s that he was on Guerilla Records. And so to the tracks. First, an early version of the track Flow, originally released on ALMO Records in 1995. This is a track of two halves. The first has a low key progressive house feel, almost tending towards ambient. But the female vocal from Evon Brennan is a bit Zoe/Espiritu. The second half goes all Gaelic vocal and electronic funk. A definite improvement on the first half. Phoenix is from Shape Navigator’s third and last release on Guerilla Records (1994). This is a low key Balearic sounding guitar/piano track. Borealis is, I think, a previously unreleased track. and I fail to understand why. This is easily the pick of the six tracks. Lovely summer house track, picking up the pace with with electronic funk. Superb. Study for Figures in a Floating Landscape is the track with the strongest ambient feel, but still has traces of an Ibizan beach from the guitar refrain. A bit dated now but still lovely. Oracle is from the benefit album for Survival from 1994. Not sure it appeared anywhere else. Starts off piano and guitar before getting quite thumpity thumpity. And, finally, Jupiter Sunrise is another track originally on Guerilla (1994). I posted it all the way back here, when I said “Jupiter Sunrise is ambient balearic, of the wide-eyed watching the sun come up variety. Lots of plucked guitar.”

Blurb: Peter is a composer and artist producing work in theatre, film and installations. Credits include: A Streetcar Named Desire Directed by Gemma Bodinetz, Macbeth starring David Morrissey & Julia Ford at The Everyman, Liverpool directed by Gemma Bodinetz, The Swallowing Dark written by Lizzie Nunnery, documentaries by Emmy award winning director Francois Verster, the Royal Opening of The new Darwin Centre at The Natural History Museum, Peepolykus, John Paul Zaccarini & Company FZ, Caroline Dorfman Dance Company, Big State Theatre Company, Holy Mountain, Gravity & Levity, Wrongsize and Mother Vision with David Sant. His Soundtracks include the feature length documentary films ‘Sea Point Days’, ‘The Mothers’ House’ (SAFTA and Cape Town Best Documentary, Premio Diocesi di Milano at The Milan Africa Festival) Directed by Francois Verster and the feature film ‘Fun” Directed by Rafal Zielinski. He began as Shape Navigator on Guerilla Records and was half of Ska/Punk/dub/Spoken Word duo SaltPeter with Salena Godden.

~ by acidted on June 9, 2012.

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