Silent Enjoyment – To Des Moines

You might remember we had a Perfume Unicorn remix the other day (here). Here’s Silent Enjoyment, an offshoot, with a downbeat techno dub-fi track. Free download.  

Perfume Unicorn are a German / Norwegian group. Mäd Mandy and Lasse Løberg also operate as Silent Enjoyment. While the Perfume Uniform tracks tend towards electropop, Silent Uniform is more downtempo leftfield. They’ve released their debut EP called From Tulsa To Des Moines for free/pay what you want on Bandcamp.

Easily the stronger of the two tracks is To Des Moines. This starts in an almost dub techno vein, with disorientating bleeping. It then slowly brings in beats and synths. But the whole thing sounds as if is wreathed in wood smoke. It throbs gently and harmonies drift in and out. If you ever loved anything from the Artificial Intelligence series, this is for you.

Slient Enjoyment – To Des Moines

Full EP here:

Blurb: Get the “From Tulsa To Des Moines” EP on bandcamp.  It’s free:

~ by acidted on June 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Silent Enjoyment – To Des Moines”

  1. […] Lasse Løberg from Cologne. Their From Tulsa To Des Moines EP of downbeat techno dub-fi appeared here. Now, here’s a remix for Norway’s Erlend […]

  2. […] of this track here back in the Spring. That was fragile acoustic indie mixed with tech house. The Silent Enjoyment remix messes around with the track. It’s like a dubbed out Trap track, with seemingly random […]

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