Blockboy – Heartbox EP

I posted a video on tumblr on Friday of a track from this downtempo EP from Germany’s Blockboy. It was so good, I thought I ought to check out the rest of the EP. Listen or buy.

Blockboy is from Munich Germany. His biog says he “sees his inspirational roots mainly in Beat and Rockmusic of the early 70s as well as in the New York HipHop of the 90s” all of which is true but doesn’t really capture the essence of his sound. It’s a bit of Portishead’s hip hop leanings but combined with Kruder & Dorfmeister’s smokey dub spaciousness. The closest parallels are with people from the late 90s like Fila Brazillia, Lemongrass or Waldeck.

It’s hip hop styles even include a skit-like opener in The Worst, complete with German samples. If you skip that, go to the first real track, Survive. A peach of a track. Combines slow-mo hip hop beats with funk samples and utter head-noddingness. World Against Us is straighter blunted hip hop track. Samples, scratching and a dubstep bass infuse The Hornet. Well Wicked is another skit. The Renaissance goes back to the slow-mo headnodding with acoustic guitar scratched and warped before speeding up towards its end. Satellite is the most conventional track on the EP, with a sweet chilled vocal. Murder sounds a bit out of place with its angry rap. Golden Junglehood is the extra digital track. Could almost be a filler with its samba styling but wrong foots with its changes of pace to make it more than that. Overall, some great tracks but needs someone to take a stronger editorial stance to weed out lesser tracks.

Blockboy – Survive

Whole EP here:

Blurb: Who the f_ck is Blockboy? As an avowing vinyl-junkie, the native of Munich sees his inspirational roots mainly in Beat and Rockmusic of the early 70s as well as in the New York HipHop of the 90s.  In his recording studio and atelier in an old building flat in Munich, he regularly descends into spheres of visual art and sound, while swinging between bliss and desperation because of his perfectionism. With attention to detail, the communication designer plays and records all instruments himself, strictly according to the motto: keep it real!  To put a label on Blockboy’s sound is not easy, since he moves between Ambient, Dubstep, HipHop, BigBeat and Funk – always enhanced by an affection for detailed samples of vinyl treasures.  Along with his band ‘Octopussies’, a HipHop-Funk combo, that he is founding member, guitarist and musical lead of, Blockboy already has a lot of live experience and attention in Southern Germany – with hand-made music and real instruments. But now, after his first tracks on the well received sampler ‘Yummy! Yummy!’, his debut as a solo artist in the world of electronic music has arrived:  ‘Heartbox’, which will be released as a limited collector’s vinyl edition (of course!) as well as a Download edition, is the start of a trilogy of topically defined EPs, that showcase his incredibly wide spectrum. On ‘Heartbox’, Blockboy presents his affection for Downbeat, HipHop and deep sound – but it will be interesting, what else is to come…;)

~ by acidted on June 16, 2012.

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