3 Balearos – Summer Breezin’

With a name like that and a title like that, you’d expect this to be some gentle Balearic… and you’d be right. Quality stuff from Phil Mison, Jim Breese and Chris Coco. This is a lazy sunny afternoon on the beach if ever there was one. Strummed and plucked qguitars, lazy beats and the sound of water. What more do you want?

Blurb: Here’s a deliberately quirky, decidedly summery single for you. It’s ever so saucy and a little naive. It’s the sound of three Balearic DJs searching for something to play in the late afternoon as the sun scorch mellows and thoughts turn to cocktails and night time excursions. ‘Summer Breezin’ is a cool melody with a dash of acoustic guitar and bass. It floats along on the sea breeze and does exactly what you expect. In a good way. It features the fine vocals of Michiko, who made a rather lovely album called No Place Like Home for Lemongrass Music. Do You Have Any Tea? is a proper B-side. It’s a bit weird but it’s bound to grow on you after a few plays and it might even end up being your favourite. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the 3 Balearos are very Balearic DJs Phil Mison, who was the resident at Cafe Del Mar for some time; Jim Breese in his more laidback Fishtank guise; and MelodicaRecordings boss Chris Coco. Now it all makes sense.


~ by acidted on June 17, 2012.

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