I surrender, I surrender; I’m giving up the role of pretender

Surrender! Or at the very least give in to this corking peice of Italo synth disco from Turkey. Volute is a brilliant bit of thumping Moroder-style synth work. And Volute means ‘scroll’ for whatever that adds to your enjoyment. B side, Fast Days starts as a piano-led tune before breaking out the triumphant ‘happy’ synths. If you told me this was by The 14th Minute I’d believe you. Perhaps even better than the A side. Out 2 July.

Blurb: Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, 23 year old Surrender! has made an extraordinary impact in his short career to date. Heralded by numerous blogs for his fresh-faced, unabashed brand of disco nouveau, with his debut single ‘Locate’ topping the Hype Machine chart, the idiosyncratic funk of Phonat’s mix of ‘Travellers’ reaching the top 10 on Beatport’s Indie-Dance/Nu Disco chart, or his ode to vintage northern soul, ‘Conflicted’ clocking up more than 1000 downloads within one day of release. Having received extensive support from a host of A-list DJs such as Aeroplane, Digitalism, A-Trak, Villa, Treasure Fingers and Moguai, Surrender! unleashes his eponymous debut album in August 2012. A tour-de-force of classic drum-machined house, vintage European soundtrack obscurity and feel good nu-disco, the album features the talents of highly-vaunted Oakland songbird Jhameel (recently profiled as the Guardian’s Band of the Day) and Sharooz.



~ by acidted on June 23, 2012.

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