Oh I do like Hybrid. I’ve no idea what breakbeat purists make of their work but I love the combination of breaks and strings that they do so well. Wide Angle, their debut LP from 1999 is a great record. I guess after so long it’s kind of inevitable that they’d release a Best Of compilation – in this case called slightly portentiously “Classics“.

This starts off with their greatest record, the wonderful Finished Sympathy. A glorious companion to Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy, it sets out Hybrid’s approach with swelling strings gradually giving way to sharp breaks but never totally losing the cinematic edge to the requirements of dance floor dynamics. If I Survive adds the plaintive vocal of Julee Cruise to the mix (I always assumed it was Louise Rhodes from Lamb). And that’s how the whole album goes, through better-know tracks such as Dogstar and Higher Than A Skyscraper. The album only falters with the inclusion of the acoustic version of True To Form, which sounds like something from X Factor. This isn’t an album for fans but for anyone who doesn’t have Hybrid albums a great place to start.

Hybrid – Finished Sympathy

Blurb:  Since bursting onto the scene in 1999 with the now classic album ‘Wide Angle’ Hybrid has gained recognition as one of the most cutting edge and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music. After four extremely well received albums, over twenty singles, plus countless remixes and a raft of movie & game soundtrack work, it is time to reflect on some of the bands numerous highpoints.

ARTIST: Hybrid/ TITLE: Classics
LABEL: Distinctive/ RELEASE: AUG 28th 2012
/ CAT NO: DISN220 / FORMATS: Download / CD


~ by acidted on June 24, 2012.

3 Responses to “HYBRID – ‘CLASSICS’”

  1. Release date is 7/30 not 8/28, and what you described is only the first disc.

    This is a 4x CD compilation that will include lots of unrelease/rare tracks, tracklists are yet to be announced.

  2. Yep – supposed to be out on the 30th July…

    And I would say this is definitely one for fans, as well as those looking to start their Hybrid collection. Some reasonably hard to find stuff on here including tracks from Scores which is impossible to buy!

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