Free School – Unravelling After The Lottery EP

New to me, although out for six months. Free School are from Birmingham, UK and produce something combining wonderful cosmic disco, soft synths and even a bit of a Balearic feel. Listen or buy.

Unravelling After The Lottery starts stentorian before bringing in sweeps of synths. There’s bits of Caribou, Time & Space Machine and even Vangelis here. The Mark E remix takes it down a more conventional 4/4 deep path. I’m Not Nintendo is this EP’s gem. This is full of wide-eyed wonder and uses a synth guitar refrain to carry the track along on Balearic waves. Gorgeous. Everything sounds warm and analogue enveloping. Nutaike remixes it in a slightly Japanese style to forgettable effect. There’s an album’s worth of this stuff coming.

Blurb: Psych-y, droning Disco aces from Birmingham’s Free School duo, backed with Mark E and Nutaike remixes. coming from a similar angle as Caribou or Four Tet, ‘Unravelling After The Lottery’ layers droning, almost noisy synths over bass-loaded kicks in a trippy cosmic disco miasmah sure to shock the dance. Mark E’s remix tames the drones for a more heads-down, molasses jacker arranged with his hypnotic evolutions. Flipside, Free School’s ‘I’m Not Nintendo’ feels like a more muscular version of Walls or The Field’s kosmiche trance epics, unafraid to swing with more rugged kicks and almost sexy bassline, yet still with that glorious, tranced-out melodic touch. Nutaike’s ‘Magnavox Odyssey’ mix balances the elements with a sleeker roll, enveloped by twirling melodies and dreamy harmonics.


~ by acidted on June 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Free School – Unravelling After The Lottery EP”

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  2. […] School are a duo from Birmingham, UK, (Andy Porteous and Steve Alcock) and have appeared here before. Time Breaks is from their new album Tender Administration. There’s something classic about […]

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