New Order + Rockers Revenge ‘Walking On Confusion’ (greg wilson mash-up)

This mix was resurrected by Greg Wilson for the Hacidenda 30 year anniversary in May. Two Arthur Baker productions for two quite different artists get welded together. Quite normal now but quite radical then. Free download.

Greg explains:

One of the world’s most celebrated clubs, The Haçienda, opened 30 years ago today, on Friday May 21st 1982. I’ll be heading over to Manchester tonight for the anniversary celebrations, joining other DJ’s from the club’s history to play a few tunes at a ticket only event (proceeds to charity) in the car park where the club once stood.

To mark the occasion I’m put some related stuff up on the blog later today, under the heading ‘The Haçienda – 30 Years On’:

I also thought it would provide the perfect opportunity to upload my ‘Walking On Confusion’ mash-up here, which combines 2 Arthur Baker productions from New Order and Rockers Revenge – it’s origin was outlined by Peter Hook in his 2009 book ‘The Haçienda – How Not To Run A Club’, where the New Order bassist recalled the time I asked him if I could remix ‘Blue Monday’ back in 1983, when I was the club’s Friday night resident DJ.

He wrote; “I remember him coming up to me, asking if he could remix ‘Blue Monday’. I told him to fuck off, thinking it was the most disgusting thing anyone had ever suggested – why should we let someone tamper with our work? How times change. Nowadays the remixes are often better than the originals. I don’t remember much of Greg beyond that episode, although I know he mixed ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Rockers Revenge into New Order’s ‘Confusion’, which was ingenious. The first mash-up.”

A more comprehensive piece about ‘Walking On Confusion’ (via Nuphonic / Turk Records in 2005), called ‘Confused Beats For Electro Freaks’, can be read here:

Greg Wilson 21.05.12

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