Polo Club – She Will Never Know (The 14th Minute Remix)

It was a pretty dismal morning trawling through electro and dubstep tracks this morning. To see that there was an email from the Stewart twins (aka The 14th Miniute) was therefore an unexpected pleasure. I have a lot of time for their synth disco thang. Free download.

The remix is for Polo Club from Melborne, Australia. They started as a hip hop electronic group but seem to have expanded their style into synth/indie. The original version of She Will Never Know is a slow vocal synth pop thing. Lots of lyrics about drugs. Not really my thing. The 14th Minute add disco synth bass to the whole thing but don’t muck about very much to the basic framework. It bounces along nicely but feels as though it needs to be broken up a bit more and given greater oomph.

The original mix is also available for free download here:

Blurb: Polo Club approached us to support them on there upcoming ‘She Will Never Know EP’ tour of Australia, and we demanded that we would get a chance to remix the amazing ‘She Will Never Know’. Inspired by the Nu Disco of The Magician and Drop Out Orchestra we created this slow summer jam. We hope you enjoy the remix and spread the love.

14th Minute:


~ by acidted on July 4, 2012.

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