Leftside Wobble – Paper Gems

The always reliable Leftside Wobble produces a mixtape of downtempo gorgeousness from the Paper Recordings back catalogue. Free download.

Manchester’s Paper Recordings has a long history, starting in 1994. ~Their focus was always on quality house misuc. Of their releases the one from Salt City Orchestra were the ones that captivated me. The label went into abeyance in 2004, only to be resurrected in 2009.

This lovely mix focuses on releases from their first 10 years, and includes tracks by Salt City Orchestra and Crazy Penis (now Crazy P).

Blurb: Paper Recordings are currently riding high in the album charts with their Paper Cuts #1 compilation, a collection of their finest moments from the last five years or so. As some of you may know I provided the sleeve notes for the CD version of Paper Cut’s and in support of the release I thought it would be cool to go through my Paper collection and dig out a selection of my personal favourites from the first 10 years of the label (1993 – 2003). All the tracks in the mix can be purchased from Juno or from Paper directly and I’ve also included a link to the Paper Cuts compilation – just in case you haven’t already bought it. 🙂

As ever, really hope you enjoy.

Paper Cut’s #1 – http://tinyurl.com/cuhzoqf
Classic Paper releases included in this mix – http://tinyurl.com/c8molz5
Paper Homepage – http://recordlabelservices.com/


Solaris Heights – Fusique (Subfusion Mix)
New Phunk Theory – Phunk Theory Time
Salt City Orchestra feat Derrick Carter – Got Change For A Twenty
Paper Music Issue #1 – Downtime
Crazy Penis – Soulmutation
Hubtone – Wayback
Keyboy – Viva Blue (Mudd’s Width and Comfort Mix)
Truant – Rifle Range
Crazy Penis – 3 Play It Cool
Del 5 & Flash Atkins – Twirldifier
Those Norwegians – Dom.B.Sensi 


~ by acidted on July 5, 2012.

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