Patterns In Plastic – BDAF Remixes

Yesterday, we had Patterns In Plastic’s Balloons Don’t Always Fly EP, with its ambient Radiohead feel. Today, a remix album made from the three track EP. Free download.

I’m a bit uncertain about remix albums. They’re often not very good. But the original artist feels flattered. There are good examples, like the Sabres In Paradise one. But they are few and far between. And in this case, eight remixes from three original tracks is rather a lot.

The remixes come from a range of remixers I’ve never heard of, including Deft, Sun Glitters and Kelle. To start, four remixes of Balloons Don’t Always Fly. Deft is first up. This remix accentuates the ambient elements of the original, with the pitter-patter of rain, tin drums and vocals as drone tones. Lovely bit of ambient IDM. Sun Glitters goes for a warmer wash of sound, with things a bit smoothed out. Doesn’t quite have the variety needed to make it properly interesting. Kelle takes more of the Deft approach but with a clever use of a guitar motif as a hook. Nice. Module Module has the most conventional beats moving the track from IDM to chilled house. And in contrast to the other three the remix has an expansive, rather than introverted, feel. Rather good.

Sleepyhead gets Sina and Sipp remixes. Sina’s is clicky house, with lots of the Radiohead-style vocals kept in. The Sipp remix is much more ambient, even a bit dub. But a bit too whispy.

Glasseye also gets two remixes. Manni Dee gives it an almost upbeat house remix, set around a ‘one note’ piano hook. The final remix is from Fybe who takes the track to somewhere between synth pop and digital R&B.

There are no truly duff tracks here. But I’ not sure I’d want to consume this in one go. Despite the range of remixers, there’s a slight sameiness about it all. The tracks by Deft and Module Module are probably the keepers.

Full free download: or


~ by acidted on July 5, 2012.

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