Henry Krinkle – Stay

Since we had a remix by Error Operator, let’s have a recommendation from Error Operrator for this evening. And a cracker it is too of that IDM digital R&B hybrid that Error Operator’s been exploring. Free download.

Henry Krinkle is from West Palm Beach in Florida. He describes his music as Lush Haus and that’s a fair description. This is light, warm and sexy house with digital R&B stylings from the vocals. The track below – Stay – includes repitched vocals from Alicia Keys’ Unthinkable. But they sound like they were made for this track. Beautifully done.

Explore more here:

Blurb: A new sound emerges from Wellington, Florida — your typical world polo capital not known for it’s electronic music scene or any music scene for that matter. Within this suburbia, quietly nestled within a state that is often little more than an end of the road detour for touring bands, truly stellar music is spawned. The reason behind this is the reason behind any and all art. Only the true addicts of the craft have the will to push past all the obstacles of pedestrian life and common expectations. Have a taste of a new yet strangely familiar sound that is blossoming somewhere between the swamps and polo fields.

~ by acidted on July 10, 2012.

One Response to “Henry Krinkle – Stay”

  1. […] an original mix and one from Henry Krinkle (previously here). The original mix is a thing of loveliness. The vocals from ShadowBox really work in harmony with […]

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