Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet: Lena Katina – Never Forget (The Remixes)

Here’s the full single from Lena Katina for the Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet album. It’s a pack of remixes for her Never Forget single. Out on 27 July, this will raise money for brain tumour research and support in the USA and UK. But you should buy it because there are some amazing mixes.

The EP opens with Thee Paus3′ Amnesiac mix, which we debuted here. The original track is soaring pop rock. In the Amnesiac remix The Paus3 dials everything down into something sadder and more lost. The drums aren’t anthemic but muted and crushed. The Lost Shadow remix goes for a slow, infinitely romantic, electronic mix. Alex Zelenka’s Shaking Dat Ass mix emphasises the big room potential of the song by bringing out the anthemic house of the piano. And is that some of his vocals added to the track? R Marlon goes for a straight up house version. Thee Paus3 returns with his Revenge mix, setting the sweet vocals against some angry, almost industrial, bass and beats. DJ Lincoln Madley turns up the guitars to provide an electronic rock remix. One to get the lighters out for. The EP closes with Lost Shadow’s Superstring remix in which the strings lead the way. They gradually build, before swelling and bursting with lost love and pain. Something for everyone here.

Available worldwide July 27th. 2012

100% of proceeds benefit www.cbtf.org and braintumourtrust

THEE PAUS3 appears courtesy of Projecting Nothing Records
Alex Zelenka appears courtesy of Invisibles Records
Lost Shadow appears courtesy of Phonocratic Records
R.Marlon appears courtesy of Projecting Nothing Records
DJ Lincoln Madley courtesy of himself and his desire to help charity (unsigned).

~ by acidted on July 18, 2012.

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