I✇KA – Suzie Creamcheese

And now for something completely different…

The 70s reference is apt here, as the track is a dice and splice of 70s rock music – plenty of Zappa – but which largely comes out as a dance track. A warped one, granted. But a dance track nonetheless. I think this is really inventive. Free download.

Ioka is from Dresden, Germany and identifies himself as a mainly drum & bass and dubstep artist. But this track is neither of these. It has that Coldcut sense of electronic fun.

He wants you to ‘like’ him on Facebook. Why don’t you consider that once you’ve downloaded the track. You know it makes sense.



~ by acidted on July 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “I✇KA – Suzie Creamcheese”

  1. Thanx for posting about my track!

  2. […] had an odd idm mix from Dresden’s IOKA a few months ago. He’s back with a new original track. No samples this time. A piece of downtempo breakbeat. […]

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