Toni Tedesco – Dust Of The Stars feat. Pixie

Toni Tedesco is Italy via Berlin. It’s therefore no surprise that this has Italo disco in its approach to progressive house, tempered with a cooler tech house / minimal Berlin sound. Lovely smooth flow to the track and the slightly austere vocals avoid melodrama. Shame it’s such a low kbps.

Here’s a clip of the High Like The Sun EP title track. Nowhere near as good as the track above.

Blurb: Toni Tedesco – High Like The Sun EP With his progressive house / electro debut EP »High Like The Sun«Toni Tedesco features melancholic airy pads combined with funky basslines and chopped up vocals. The title track »High Like The Sun« combines hoovering basslines and soulful vocals by Ipp. The synth layer of the clubby track »Fuck The Media«, brings us back to the 80’s, the track is torn apart by a pumping bassline. The dreamy pad in »Dust Of The Stars« makes every star child flow into another level of consciousness.

~ by acidted on July 25, 2012.

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