Chris Coco – Freedom Street

Chris is someone who’s appeared here a lot over the years. From his time in Coco, Steel & Lovebomb in the 90s and then in his own right. He has a new album out on Monday – Freedom Street. And to celebrate a free download of a mix on the Sunset Terrace at Ovum, Ibiza. Available for a limited time only.

The mix reeks of suntan lotion and good vibes. There’s sunny disco, chilled Balearic and everything inbetween.

Chris Coco, Ovum @ Space, Ibiza, June 2012

And, now, the album. Freedom Street is a real place in London (round the back of Battersea Park for those who, like me, care about these things). The album opens with the dub of Word (previously here). Letter from Erika (complete with typewriter sounds) goes down an acoustic pop path. Holiday takes a beach samba route in an almost pastiche way. Down To the Sea has a pop dub style, perfect for those Balearic moments. St James’ Grove is one of the prettiest tracks on the album, again with a slight dub reflectiveness. It’s also another South London street. The whole album is an unusual hommage to a hot lazy summer in London. Makes a change from everyone focusing on the urban grit and decay. Listen to clips below.

Blurb: Freedom Street is Chris Coco’s debut album on his new label, Melodica Recordings. It follows 2009’s Feel Free Live Good which came out on Big Chill Records. Freedom Street is a real place in south London. Freedom Street is an imaginary state of grace in the city, a feeling of belonging, a sense of letting go on a spectacularly hot summer’s day. It’s about living in London now, it’s coloured by the music of the past. It’s about feeling good, in a kind of melancholy way. It’s about being laid back, but ready for action. It’s about new ways of seeing old things, about a sense of wonder for familiar surroundings. Pre-Order it here! //

~ by acidted on July 27, 2012.

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