Fold – Mr President, We’re in Trouble (feat. Jimmy Carter)

Fold is a Leeds-based band; a self-confessed band with a conscience. But whether or not you agree with their political stance, you should still enjoy the bittersweet downtempo music. There’s a free download. But if you buy, 75% of profits go to the Equality Trust.

The track itself is is downbeat downtempo electronic, driven by a mournful synth and marching beats. This creates a combination of hope and hope dashed. They use Lemon Jelly as a reference point. I’d also go back to Ultramarine’s pastoral electronica of the early 90s. The lyrics are extracted from a speech by Jimmy Carter and revolve around our post-industrial way of life and mores. That may all sound rather worthy. But it remains a beguiling tune and Fold are ones to watch out for.

If you liked that you could try the B Side That’s The Life Experience (ft. Mike Ruppert). They say “Fronted by vocal excerpts from CoLLapse – a film about Mike Ruppert and his ominous, eerily accurate predictions for our collective future – this track issues a stark warning that if we do not change our minds we will not survive as a species.” This time the polemic rather overwhelms the downbeat music. Whole EP here:

Blurb: This track was both played by Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music on his show and included in his BBC Introducing Mixtape. It was also played & praised by Alan Raw on BBC Radio Leeds and is now being featured on regional stations across the UK. We’re releasing it independently as a 7″ / digital download on September 3rd. We originally made this track available in support of the Occupy protesters. In the wake of the declining Occupy movement we’ve had to reconsider where to lend our support. In the spirit of the movement we’ve chosen The Equality Trust – an organisation dedicated to campaigning for more equal societies across the globe backed by solid evidence. If you buy this track Fold will donate 75% of the profits to The Equality Trust. Why more equality? Read the evidence…

~ by acidted on July 29, 2012.

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