Chameo – Phoenix

Danish producer Chameo has a new synth tune out today. His last one was brilliant. Can this free download possibly match it?

Dance music is a deceptive business. So many people think that they can do it well with a simple hook all that is required to produce a hit. Artless music is easy to achieve and easier to ignore. Artless brilliance, that elusive peak of perfection, is much harder to locate. Things like Pjanoo and the ‘Lager, Lager, Lager’ bit of Born Slippy manage to make it seem effortless. Chameo achieved it with Hey! (here) with its simple synth bounce, head nodding scuzz bass and ascending melody line finishing with the singalong ‘Hey!‘.

Pulling that trick off twice is a much harder proposition. Chameo has a new track – Phoenix. This is another happily artless synth house tune. There’s much here that draws on the tricks used previously but with a stronger disco influence. The almost verse, chorus, verse structure of the tune. This uses the main synth going alone and then in massed banks, like the best piano house tunes. This isn’t quite as immediate as Hey! which you could fall for on a single listen. It lacks a ¬†singalong sample. That said, it still sounds great when played loud and would even moreso on a summer dance floor.

~ by acidted on July 30, 2012.

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