Crystal Castles – Plague (THEE PAUS3’s Cured Remix)

Canadians Crystal Castles are electronic experimentalists much beloved of the blogosphere. But they’ve largely passed me by. Free downloads.

However, since the always interesting Thee Paus3 has done a remix, we should take note. Plagues is a new track from Crystal Castles, released a few days ago presumed to be from their forthcoming album. The original mix is that throbbing spectral goth electronica that Crystal Castles do. But doesn’t do much for me. Thee Paus3 uses his remix as an opportunity to show us his industrial nethergarments in a wonderfully Tim Burtonesque way. This mix has a bit better sense of where it’s going. Less aimless throbbing and more threatening with a broken bottle.

Crystal Castles – Plague (THEE PAUS3’s Cured Remix)

Crystal Castles – Plague

~ by acidted on July 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Crystal Castles – Plague (THEE PAUS3’s Cured Remix)”

  1. […] content with remixing the Crystal Castles’ Plague here a few days ago, Thee Paus3 is back with another Crystal Castles remix. This time Fainting Spells, […]

  2. […] had the Plague remix here, when I said it was “threatening with a broken bottle“. And Fainting Spells appeared […]

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