Kopfklang – Tanzen und Schlafen

Another release on Cologne’s leftfield Fjellsmug records. This time Kopfklang from Berlin-Neukölln. The music is a mix of techno and ambient but always with a twist.

The EP’s title translates as ‘dancing and sleeping’. Tanzen (dancing) is just that; a synth-based bit of leftfield techno. Quite joyous. A bit Eroica. Schlafen Statt Tanzen (sleeping instead of dancing) is like the Tanzen track but with the dance elements dialled down and hte synth line dialled up. Still a bit too joyous for sleeping, mind. And you might be able to work out that Tanzen Statt Schlafen is the other way round. In Schlafen, the synths sound like an orchestral French horn and the beats pound away. The EP doesn’t have the contrasts between the tracks that I might have expected from the titles. But you can’t deny the quality of the music or the sense of fun that permeates.

Buy on bandcamp:

Blurb: “Tanzen & Schlafen” is a 4 track EP that represents the essence of everything we like about techno and ambient music. As the german title indicates (english translation: dancing & sleeping) the release is bridging the gap between different poles. Warmth and frostiness. Alertness and doziness. Radicalness and lenity. The tracks thereby are compact and do not lose ground. We hope that you like them as much as we do. Kopfklang is a young musician from Berlin-Neukölln. He previously released two highly acclaimed EPs via the FWonk Netlabel. He’s rad and trill and handsome. An outstanding video for the track TANZEN made by PimsProduction:  vimeo.com/46189841 Fjellsmug Rekords is not the place for a clearly defined genre or a specified sound. It’s all about the music we like and we hope that you like as well.  The spirit of a melody, the wideness of a soundscape, the chord that dwells deep down in yourself. We hope you find some of the enthusiasm we feel in the songs we release.


~ by acidted on July 31, 2012.

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