Sheffield Bleep

Nostalgia anyone? Here’s a mix using the hugely important and influential Artificial Intelligence compilation by Sheffield Bleep. This is the well spring of IDM. It’s now 20 years old. Pfft. More old skool techno mixes at his soundcloud.

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis
Speedy J – De-Orbit
Autechre – Chatter
B12 – Scriptures
Richard H Kirk – Reality Net
Beaumont Hannant – Utuba
Balil – Parasight
Link – Arcadian
Aphex Twin – We Are The Music Makers
Autechre – Nil
Autechre – Clipper
Speedy J – Fill 3
B12 – Telefone 529
The Dice Man – Polygon Window
I.A.O – The Clan
Autechre – The Egg
Autechre – Crystel
Caustic Window – On The Romance Tip
Speedy J – Symmetry
The Higher Intelligence Agency – Selinite
Mark Franklin – Release to the System
UP – Spiritual High
Seefeel – Spangle

Blurb: Something of an enigma and a maverick with his unique approach to production whether his own music or his mixes that have received global exposure. Sheffield Bleep has put together some of the finest mixes you will hear, whether it be a Warp AI re-interpretation or his SCR tribute mix. This particular mix was an RA mix of the day. Anyone local to Sheffield would remember SCR, the radio station that launched a number of Sheffields finest electronic spinners. On this mix, Mr Bleep selected a number of his favourite tunes from the era 20 years ago. When he plays Sheffield Bleep pulls on all these influences and more, expect to move your feet and mind in equal measure.

~ by acidted on August 13, 2012.

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