Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet: Out Now

The Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet album is out now. Available to buy on iTunes and Juno. Other retailers to follow.

There is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like go ahead electronic wizardry from Alex Zelenka, the breathless cinematic thrill ride of QtheSuit, the jazz-flecked positivity of Sam Levine, the gentle acoustic laments of Stylusboy and Coolio Franco or the delicate Detroit techno of Larry Jefferson.

Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet aims to raise hope. All profits go to brain tumour charities in the UK and USA. In the UK, they go to The Brain Tumour Charity, the largest dedicated funder of brain tumour research. The album’s called Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet as that’s what doctors say when they have bad news. The really bad news. Like, there’s nothing more we can do bad.    I remember our last of those conversations:

Doctor: I’m afraid the spot on the last scan was a tumour. It’s now grown and is in a place where there’s nothing more we can do for him. 

Me: How long have we got?

Can’t be sure. Probably six weeks, perhaps six months.

What about his birthday [nine months]?

I’m afraid not.

But you should buy this compilation because there’s some great music here for all tastes.


~ by acidted on August 20, 2012.

9 Responses to “Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet: Out Now”

  1. Bravo Ctel. Hope it raises lots of money.

  2. […] course, Acid Ted has blogged about it today, here, so what remains to be said is that all the artists have given their tracks free, all profits go to […]

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  6. […] Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet  is out today. It’s a compilation of exclusive electronic tracks, put together by Colin Perry, the man behind one of the finest new music blogs around,  Acid Ted, who tragically lost his son to this condition.  All proceeds go to Brain Tumour Charities in the UK and US. 14 tracks spanning a range of genres for an exceptionally worthy cause; there’s no excuse not to really. Download links below: […]

  7. I know this is really insignificant considering the subject , I really want to buy this but have never used juno before & the itunes site dont appear to work in uk could you please advise me best method of buying & downloading to uk itunes.

    have to say i first became aware of your sites on TVV a few years back when you featured in his guest posts in may and found your familys courage incredible.

    much respect son of the rock.

  8. john – it’s also available from bandcamp for $5 or more. this is easy to use, takes paypal and is totally compatible with itunes.


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