Herd – Solipsistic Nation Mix 18/08/2012

Today we are going to follow the Herd, with three posts on Herd. Today is an ambient day. If you liked the Future Sound of London, you’ll love this. Free download.

This post is about influences. Herd is Jason Thomson from Corby, Northamptonshire. He takes his name from Herd Killing, the opening track on the Future Sound of London’s 1996 album Dead Cities. That album is the most clautrophobic and unsettling of FSOL’s early 90s work. Herd’s work is less abrasive and has most in common with 1994’s disturbed but more dreamy Lifeforms.

I posted this mix on tumblr over the weekend but grumbled about the talking on the intro to the podcast. Here’s the mix without the talking. Dive in and float away. But don’t let the start beguile you totally, prepare to be unsettled as the mix unfolds. This is a mix of classic IDM artists. And, yes, it does include FSOL but also some of Herd’s own work. On which more in later posts. Special mention for Ross Baker’s opener which is just beautiful.

1 hour mix by Herd from the Solipsistic nation show 18/08/2012. Includes new Herd material alongside others. See below for full tracklist.

Ross Baker – Fields & Valleys
Humanoid – Fractured ( Legiac Mix)
Scanner – Passage de Recherche
Demdike Stare – Suspicious drone
Future Sound of London – Elation
Fanu – Strange Days
Intex Systems – Absorb
Oberman Knocks – Walkers Ret Ret Hive
Somatic Responses – Lunar Disturbance
FSOL – A Corner
Demdike Stare – Ghostly Hardware
Second Thought – Nsepan
Secede – The Realms of Sanda
Legiac – Hallux Abb
Jochem Paap –Trpp Bll
Monolith Cycle – Transmission
Fanu – Trippy
Small Fish With Spine – High Fibre
Intex Systems – Transcend The Mind
Herd – Untitled
Intex Systems – The Infinite Void
Herd – Untitled
Herd – Untitled
Excerpts from the film The Cell
FSOL – Plough
Herd – Untitled
King Crimson – Masque 8
Blackfilm – Midnight to 4
FSOL – Cascade Part 4
Herd – Untitled
Intex Systems – Vapour Fragments
Burial – Untitled
Herd – Untitled
Access To Arasaka – Kyokko
Andrea Parker and Dan Quayle – Under The Sand
Freeform – Lijiang
Legiac – Opaque
Robert Normandeau – Memoires vives
Squarepusher – 40.96a
Muslimgauze – Saladin Mercy
Access To Arasaka – Brilliant Pebbles
FSOL – First Death In The family
FSOL – Vit Drowning / Through Your Gills I Breathe

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