Herd – Tangents 41 – 47

We had a mix from Herd this morning in a post about influences. Now, here’s a post about the present, with his latest ambient album. This is from an on-going series called Tangents. Available on ‘name your price’ basis.

Tangents 41-47 is seven tracks but really feels a single piece (the bandcamp version is seven separate tracks but the FSOL Digital version is a single track). There’s a connection in mood and emotion. In that sense it does link to FSOL’s Lifeforms single with its myriad mixes all seemingly connected. Sounds drift in and out, as if in a dream. There’s a mix between the organic and the inorganic. If you’re looking for some 4/4/ beats you’re going to be sadly disappointed. This is a journey into soundscape, even a bit cinematic, the horror of the mind.  Perhaps this is what they mean about “dreaming is nursed in darkness.”

From soundcloud and buy from FSOL Digital

Or buy from Bandcamp

~ by acidted on August 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Herd – Tangents 41 – 47”

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  2. […] Radio a couple of days ago (here). But what was really interesting was the Herd (previously here) mix. Here’s that 15 minute mix as a freestanding free download. This is what Herd does so […]

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