Herd – the future

Last post in this trio about Herd. He takes Ted’s Top Ten Quiz and I muse about cats.

There’s a good interview with Herd from Tuning Into Oscure from last year. Much of what is written about him is quite analytic, so to lighten things, he’s taken Ted’s Top Ten Quiz:

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold? Don’t listen to any of them at the minute.Used to enjoy the old Oakenfold Essential Mixes like the Goa one from the 90’s.Not into anything hes done since then really.
2. Dance or Indie? Dance – I couldnt cope with wearing those skinny jeans that I would be obliged to wear if I was into indie!
3. Synthesisers or real instruments? Gotta be synths – Wouldn’t know where to start with real instruments, although it might be interesting to learn to play something.Although I think the more I learn about music the harder it becomes to remain making abstract music so I’d probably be better staying away from them.
4. Lifeforms or Dead Cities? Love them both. I think the music I have been making has more in common with Dead Cities but it was picking up Lifeforms in Our Price (remember that?) that inspired me to begin making music all those years later. If I hadn’t been drawn to the cover art [he has a fine art degree] I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. I plan sometime to try and move towards a more Lifeformsish sound. If I can make something half as good I’ll be happy.
5. Coffee or beer? Coffee.I dont really drink beer but I cant go a couple of days without coffee.
6. Henry Moore or Constantin Brancusi? Henry Moore. I once attempted to make a large Henry Moore from Crunchie bars whilst I was at Art College.
7. FSOL or Amorphous Androgynous? FSOL without question. Although Tales of Ephidrina – the first AA CD – to me sits  alongside the early FSOL stuff. I was so excited when I heard they were coming back when they released the later AA stuff. Didn’t understand it then and still don’t really. I definitely enjoy the FSOL sound more.
8. Dreaming or waking? I enjoy both equally but I do look forward to dreaming.
9. 808 or 303? Room 208
10. Herding cats or Herd mentality? Herd Killing. I thought about using this as my artist name (after the track on Dead Cities) but thought it might be a bit dark sounding. Maybe I’ll use it as an alias in the future.

Ok, so the last question’s a bit frivolous. But not completely. Freud said that ““Time spent with cats is never wasted.” I’ve never really worked out what he meant by that and google’s no help (answers in comments please). But my best effort is the combination of their calming effect and that you can spend ages trying to work out what they’re thinking, ending up none the wiser but having disengaged your mind from other things is itself restful and allows other ideas to come through. This open-ended effect is perhaps the same as Herd’s music. Your mind ends up focusing on it quite strongly, in order to take meaning from the range of sounds constantly coming in and going away. The lack of beats aids that process. This makes something seemingly quite musically slight actually quite profound.

Here are two works in progress from Herd:

And finally, I said earlier that he had a Fine Art degress, and all the pictures that have headed these three posts are by Herd himself. If anyone’s interested in him doing covers for them, do get in touch with him via soundcloud or drop me a line at acidtedblog@googlemail[dot]com.

~ by acidted on August 21, 2012.

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