Jowie Schulner – Two Hearts

Take a look at the way the J and the S curves. Take a look at the glow effect round the lettering. Take a look at the stars in the background. Can only mean one thing. 80s synths. Oh yes, D, you’d best run away. It’s synth time!

For those left, this is classic 80s synth style, from the seeming heart of all things synth, Boombar Music. This is the home of Acid Ted favourites Jordan F and Silenx. Indeed, Jowie is the label owner. Unsurprisingly, Two Hearts sounds a lot like it could be by Jordan F or Silenx. The original mix is a lush, romantic tune which thunders past on massed waves of synths. All very 80s. You have to give yourself up to the big-hairedness of it all. It’s two lovers making their escape from the car chase. There’s also a mix from Final DJs. This is a bit less breathless than the original. A bit more reflective. The care chase aftermath.

Jowie Schulner – Two Hearts (Original Mix)

Jowie Schulner – Two Hearts (Final DJs Remix)

Released by: Boombar Music 
Release date: Aug 20, 2012

~ by acidted on August 26, 2012.

One Response to “Jowie Schulner – Two Hearts”

  1. Oh, the humanity….

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