Cyberogre – Epic Song (Original Mix)

Is it the sight of the sun? Is it the glare from my pasty legs as I wear shorts for the first time this year? Is it heat stroke? Whatever, I’m going to post this uplifting track from Chris Lopo (aka cyberogre). I know it’s called Epic Song but bear with it.

Epic Song is a rubbish title unless you’re sacrificing all credibility on the altar of wave-your-hands-in-the-air obviousness. Somehow, this track avoids that. Yes, it’s called progressive house but it isn’t the huge banger you’d expect. There’s a slow, quite gentle, prog house build. There are guitars that have a bit of New Order’s Dreams Never End about them – especially at the 5 minute mark. It’s a touch Coldplay in the piano dynamics but you’d expect that. This is really, really well done. Not my usual but I really like how this is put together. And tomorrow, if I change my mind, I can always blame sunstroke. Wins all round!

Blurb: Epic. That’s how the newest release from cyberogre can be labeled. Being the first single from this new musical project from Brazil, interesting ideas can be expected when listening to “Epic Song”, a mix of Progressive House and Rock, with a light touch of popular Brazilian sounds. Chris Lopo, the mastermind behind cyberogre, is a musician first,
human being second. He’s highly influenced by sounds from different parts of the world. From Shingo Nakamura (Japan), to Robin Beanland (UK) and Deadmau5 (Canada), this boiling pan full of sounds is complete with the influences of Brazilian and Latin beats, Rock and the well-known Electronic Dance Music. cyberogre concerts are being planned for early 2013.

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~ by acidted on August 28, 2012.

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  1. […] Cyberogre is the offender. He appeared here last summer with a fine prog house tune called Epic Song. He’s back with a new Life Ends EP. […]

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