Neonfaith – Ritual Union (Little Dragon Remix)

Last time, I compared this NYC trio to Electribe 101. There’s a new remix which despite its R&B sheen has a pleasing crisp simplicity in its approach to synth pop. Think early Human League or Japan combined with Aaliyah. Free download.

But they are a slightly mysterious trio (Megan, Fef and Lay), so I caught up with Megan to see if Ted’s Top Ten Quiz would tease out anything:

1. Weatherall or Oakenfold? No preference
2. Synthesisers or Real instruments? Synthesizers – this is how most of our music gets done.
3. Coffee or wine? I live on coffee but I’m sure the rest of the group would choose alcohol over coffee
4. Manhattan or Brooklyn? We have a lot of love for the Lower East Side (and I live in the Village), but we love Brooklyn as well. The goal is to some day have a center of production based in Brooklyn.
5. Kr or Xe? Kr
6. Cheese steak or Pastrami? Always have to go with cheesesteak, I’m from Philly originally (unlike Fef or Lay, who are from Jamaica, Queens). Cheesesteak is law in Philly.
7. Lay or Fef? Megan. I don’t know why this wasn’t an option.
8. Hope or Charity? Hope.
9. 808 or 303? They both suck.
10. Depeche Mode or Moby? The cool thing is to say Depeche Mode but I loved Moby’s Play.

~ by acidted on August 28, 2012.

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