Moodymanc and Astral T

Moodymanc is Danny Ward (aka Dubble Danny). This is the sound of house. A free download and request for money for Astral T with whom he’s doing a collaboration.

Danny explains the origins of his name “”Moodymanc” (a “manc” is someone from Manchester if you didn’t already know!) was a nickname that the guys at 2020 vision had given me, and we decided to do the 12″ under that name as a bit of a joke to those in the know, and of course with a very, very reverential nod to Mr Keny Dixon Jr. (a truly inspirational hero and pioneer: I was never under any illusion that anybody might think that my music was anything like his!). The name of course stuck (love it or hate it-I do both!) and the rest is history…”

He’s been producing house music since 2007, from whence the free download comes. It’s a track from his first 12″. Danny explains further “”Wriggle” appeared on the first “Moodymanc” 12″ back in 2007 which was never released digitally. The 12″ was a vinyl sampler for the Dubble D album “Playin’ Out” on 2020 Vision recordings which was a collection of tracks that I had made whilst DJ ing warm ups for 2020 soundsystem shows. I wanted to present an album as a mix in that style-starting off with hip hop grooves and working my way up through tempos and styles to a housier vibe.” The track has a house feel which is at least 10 years older than its 2007 date. A feeling of classic house. A little jazz. A bit of trumpet. Quite laid back.

And now, the money thing. Astral T is trying to create a new crowd-funded record label Astral Love Affair & collaboration with Moodymanc.

UK singer/songwriter Astral T has announced that she will set up her own record label ‘Astral Love Affair’, using the crowd-funding service Indiegogo.  Fans can pledge money to help bring about a vinyl pressing of the first single – a collaboration with Moodymanc – and in the process secure some super-exclusive perks.
Fans and supporters can pledge money at starting from $10 or $15 for advance copies of the single, up to $250 or $350 for Astral T to create and record a song or perform a live PA.

Have a listen to the Astral T & Moodymanc collaboration Divided Attention.

~ by acidted on August 29, 2012.

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