Os Ovni go back to the future

Os Ovni are on Robot Elephant Records, which might tell you something. I’ve had a few things from Robot Elephant before and none of them are your usual 4/4 beats fare. This is no exception.

Os Ovni’s biog says “Emerging from the more idiosyncratic side of reality, the duo of Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria build minimal sonic structures around time travel melodies using warm synths, dream drifting vocals, based in a futuristic celluloid film made of hyper changing time and space visions…” Righty ho. Bonkers. No help at all.

Let’s bring some order here. Os Ovni are a duo who produce a leftfield synth pop. They were part of a 12″ on Robot Elephant with Blue on Blue (buy here). One of the tracks is Flash of Light, a tinkly but bass buzzing synth pop number with plenty of girlie la la las.

They’ve put their tracks out to remix, from which we get two tracks. First, and foremost, a remix by The Drum which takes the track into sensuous ambient pastures to lie down.


Second, we get OS OVNI – Flash of Light deephoused by Belly’s Ghost. This is a gentle offbeam deep house remix from Meta Rockwell on Southern Ghost Recordings. This makes the track all lush and warm house.

And the whole thing is being released on a C90 cassette, as you do.

Available on the
OS OVNI : Holographic Moon Light remix C-90 cassette
To order: email: osovni1000@yahoo.com

~ by acidted on August 29, 2012.

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