Birth Records Event: 93 Feet East, London: 7 September

For those of you in and around London, you might want to know about this free entry event by Birth Records in association with The Playground at 93 Feet East, London on 7 September. The c90’s and I.R.O.K. will headline.

For those not in London, never fear, we’ve a mixtape from one of the headliners. The C90’s have appeared here before with their indie disco thing. They’ve a new mixtape out on soundcloud for those that want to have a look. But it’s far too disco for me. Instead, let’s have something from the curiously-named I.R.O.K. Formed from the embers of Dead Kids, they are described as Afro Punk. And the mixtape veers from some cool electronica to heavy duty punk. If you want something out of the ordinary, this is for you.

The Intergalactic Republic of Kongo’s end of summer ‘je suis un rockstar’ mixtape


Friday 7/9/12

Time: 7pm – 1am




► THE C 90’S- Jamie and Danny have been sharing their love of disco and house music since they first met in 2007. Having spent years accumulating old synthesizers and building up an impressive studio in London, The C90s are now ready to begin work on their debut album.
►PUNX SOUNDCHECK- bring together the music that shaped them and the music that’s shaping their future, traversing disco and house, reggae and dubstep, electro and (old) rave, all the while sounding effortlessly and elegantly modern.
►STARPUNK- having already remixed the likes of NOISIA, ZOMBIE NATION and many more, this electronic duo are starting to make waves in London after leaving their homeland of GEORGIA.
► I.R.O.K.- With two of the original members from DEAD KIDS, I.R.O.K. are the INTERGALACTIC REPUBLIC OF KONGO. Described as “violent psychotropic afro-punk” they are already one of “HMV’s NEXT BIG THING” tips for 2012 and rightly so.
► NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT- comprises of the songwriting partnership of DAVID and YIN NEUROTIC. Their shows are relentless spectacles leaving you captivated by their intensity.
NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT have started recording. Their first EP ” EMPIRE OF TIN ” produced by Andre Winter, Robert Harder, Sebastian Lee Philipp (Noblesse Oblige) and Benn McGregor (Ulterior) and will be released October 2012  
► WITHOUT MY MEDICINE- Without My Medicine make raucous Stadium Electro-Punk and are known for their energetic and lively shows, fusing the punk energy of the Sex Pistols with the futuristic synths and beats of Depeche Mode – Think massive choruses, ripping guitar solos and searing synths.

► ARROWS DOWN- Residing in North West London, Arrows Down has recently released his debut album ‘PYRAMID’ as a free download.  Two follow up albums have been released in September 2011. 
 ► PHOTOMATIC-  London based Marc dos Santos David brings us a dynamic twist of genres, fusing Techno, alternative rock, funk and new wave with gritty bass lines, classical melodies and rap.
► SKY BETWEEN LEAVES- London based alt-rock/psych/krautronica ensemble with hazy soundscapes and sharp thoughts. An emerging band we believe has heaps of potential.

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