Lane 8 – We Won’t Know EP

New EP from Lane 8 (previously here and here). Gentle funky electronic music for free download. Do try this out. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Lane 8 is from San Francisco. This is his first EP, following the release of two single tracks over the last couple of months. First single, Don’t Want You Back was very much in the synth vein and supported by The Magician. The follow up – Dusty – was a warm disco tune sampling Dusty Springfield. This EP has me struggling for categorisation – which as we all know is dead important in dance music. The closest I can get to is downtempo electronic disco funk. But that’s not quite capturing it.

We Won’t Know is a one-note piano line tracked by a bit of funk bass. It’s relaxed yet danceable. Quite Balearic in a lazy beach kind of way. Really very good. Down To You is a bit more electronic with the vocodered title sample. Has a slightly scuzzy leftfield dance feel. But still quite loose limbed and relaxed. Lovely. Thinking About You has a touch of the Mr Scruff about it. But ultimately is a bit Jazz Club niiiice. Doesn’t detract from what little corkers the first two tracks are.

Blurb: The ‘We Won’t Know’ EP by Lane 8 is now available for free download at If you like the EP, help me by sharing it with your friends! Love, Daniel (Lane 8)

~ by acidted on August 31, 2012.

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  1. […] content with releasing his fine new We Won’t Know EP the other day, Lane 8 has also released another tune – The Voice – which takes things […]

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